• Save time and money


    With our unique and custom made transport protection covers you can save time and money by protecting your valueable assets from damages and keeping them in perfect condition. Not only will our transport protection covers save you time and money directly, but they will also protect your brand and ensure customer satisfaction.



Once our vehicle protection systems were only for some of the most luxurious cars in the world. However, due to recent year’s development, believe it or not, this has become the most cost efficient way to protect vehicles during storage and transport. The trox experience today is a carefully calculated but still an extremely simple procedure. The tailor made covers are delivered ready to be applied directly to a specific model. After this step the vehicles are ready for transport and the covers are not removed until the cars have reached their final destination, with preserved factory complete quality level. In addition, the car manufacturer can also put a company logo on the covers, showing that they are really taking care of their customers premium car acquisitions.
















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